Alpha Opportunities is your connection for international trade and commerce

Heavy shipping of commodities and trade goodsAlpha Opportunities has many years of experience engaged in international trade and commerce dealings.

We can be your source for:

  Commodities: Wheat, corn,

sugar, rice, barley, and all other major commodities

  Petroleum, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, and other petro products

  Urea and other industrial and agricultural products

  Food products of all types from around the world

  Marble, granite, and other stone products from several countries

  Construction materials such as cement, plywood, gypsum board

  Gold, diamonds, and other precious minerals and stones

  Containerload shipments of almost any product from any source

  Barter and exchanges, domestic and international


We maintain a global network of trusted sources for these and many other products. And we are direct (no intermediaries) to some of the largest suppliers of grain in North America.


Alpha Opportunities President and CEO Frank Yacenda has international trade experience stretching back more than two decades as head of a regional world trade council, commercial officer with the U.S. State Department, and international businessman and global trade broker.


We maintain stringent standards regarding with whom we deal and the kinds of requests we will entertain. Note that for commodity orders minimum shipment is 12,500 metric tons. For containerized cargos minimum shipment is one containerload (20- or 40-foot). Depending on the nature of the order minimums may be larger. Please check our requirements for more details.


If you are in the market for a product or commodity, or wish to establish a relationship with us to represent your product or commodity, please call us toll-free within the U.S. or Canada at (877) 216-1392, or internationally or locally at +1 (727) 431-6848, or with "Trade" noted in the subject line, and let's explore how we might be able to work together.


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