Alpha Opportunities' trade and commerce requirements

We deal in wheat and other commodities and productsBased on years of experience, as well as what we know our suppliers require, Alpha Opportunities has set out certain requirements that need to be met before we will begin looking for a deal for you.


The larger the deal – and commodities deals tend to be the biggest and therefore the ones where the standards are highest – the more stringent the requirements that must be met.


Generally our requirements fall into two categories: Documentation and financial/credit.


We need to have full disclosure of:

  Actual buyer's (not just broker's) name and contact information

  Full and formal statement of commodity or product required,

including full specifications and total quantity required

  Anticipated delivery date for initial shipment delivery

  Number and intervals of shipments (if more than one)

  Acceptable and/or non-acceptable sources for commodity/product

  Destination port and off-loading rate (if not generally known)

  Target price per metric ton or other quantity

  Source for funding

  Type of letter of credit offered

  Permission for credit/bank check and full banking coordinates


Our reliable sellers require these items up-front so please do not waste your or our time by proposing anonymous deals which generally represent price-fishing expeditions. We will in all cases protect brokers' interests and are willing to sign non-competition/non-disclosure agreements when required.


Generally, minimum shipments consist of:

  Commodities: 12,500 metric tons

  Containerized shipments: One container load (20-foot or 40-foot)


If you are in the market for a product or commodity, or wish to establish a relationship with us to represent your product or commodity, please call us toll-free within the U.S. or Canada at (888) 221-5514, or internationally or locally at +1 (228) 206-3423, or with "Trade" noted in the subject line, and let's explore how we might be able to work together.


Photo by Brad Harrison