Gulfstaff LLC and GulfstaffExecutive: Your recruitment management sources

In addition to our standard retained search and placement services, our corporate retainer program represents an excellent value for clients with numerous positions that must be filled simultaneously and which require a dedicated search effort. We also offer various outsourced recruitment services, including our website candidate management services.


Another job applicant that the Gulfstaff Group can pre-screen as part of our recruitment management servicesWhether for recruitment, on-site project management, or other key human resources support activities, our firm can function essentially as an extension of your human resources department.

Our outsourced recruitment services offer solutions to companies that wish to shed a major portion of the burden of personnel recruiting or recruitment management. This can be on a departmental or enterprise-wide basis. These services include the following key possibilities:

Web site candidate management

This solution is at the cutting edge of industry-standard recruitment management services.

The problem: Major corporations are faced annually with tens of thousands of resumes in response to various position postings on their corporate web sites. The burden of the screening process is left up to hiring managers or an already over-burdened HR department. Even for smaller companies, the task of sorting through scores of resumes received and pre-screening applicants can be daunting.

The solution: Gulfstaff and GulfstaffExecutive offer Web Site Candidate Management Services that represent a highly cost- and effort-efficient solution for reviewing and qualifying candidates and putting the leading contenders in front of hiring managers, all within a reasonable time frame and far more economically than can be done in-house. Through direct access to the recruitment area of your corporate web site, we are able to seamlessly download applicant resumes and feed them directly into our candidate management process. You get value-added results and fast relief to your on-line recruiting headache.

Outsourced project recruitment and management services

The problem: Your company or department is tasked with setting up a major project or gearing up for large-scale expansion. This might be at one of your regular facility locations or at an off-site locale. Time and budgets are tight, and the cost of success, or failure, is significant.

The solution: Gulfstaff and GulfstaffExecutive to the rescue! We can take over everything from responsibility for the recruitment and hiring process to actual on-site project management. Anywhere in the United States, North America, or around the world. This enables your company to take advantage of hair-trigger contract tenders or fluctuations in your normal business cycle, all without major investments in HR expansion and support. And with the assurance of recruiting the best candidates available in the field. You reap the profits and retain flexibility while losing a major chunk of the HR burden: Another superior Gulfstaff solution!

Whatever your recruitment need, the Gulfstaff Group can provide you with an effective human resources solution. Visit the GulfstaffExecutive web site for more information, call us now toll-free at (888) 221-5514, local at (228) 206-3423, or send us an email at with "Recruiting Solutions" in the subject line, and let's explore together how we can be your HR solution!