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We're always on the look-out for profitable real estate opportunities. We specialize in distressed and rehab properties, but the quality of the deal is the driving factor. So if a real estate deal looks right, whether it's a $12,000 rehab or a $2 million mansion, there's a good chance we'll take it on and present it. And now, Alpha Opportunities International, Inc., is an official PowerHouse Promoter for the Gulf Coast region.

Real estate rehabs offer investment opportunitiesAnd whether you're an investor looking for properties that meet your parameters or a property owner or agent who wants to propose a property anywhere to us, we'd like to speak with you. And we can be your look-out or "bird dog" to find the best deals for you. Give us a call or and put "Real Estate" in the subject line.

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Please note that we are not real estate brokers or salespeople and are not in any way representing properties in which we do not have an ownership interest for sale or in violation of any state real estate licensing laws.

We are, however, interested in partnering with you in acquiring and (when appropriate) rehabing properties, and either holding or turning them with maximum mutual profitability in mind. And with Alpha Opportunities' exclusive advantage – our own in-house staffing capabilities – we are in the best position to get rehabs done quickly, profitably, and the way they should be done.

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PowerHouse Construction Group: A powerful construction system and a unique, powerful referral marketing system

PowerHouse Logo

Alpha Opportunities International, Inc., is now a PowerHouse Promoter. And we think you should be, too! Sign on for free here and become a PowerHouse Promoter on the route to significant referral marketing profits on every construction contract you sell.

PowerHouse Construction Group has developed a powerful combination that joins a revolutionary marketing system, which the company calls Referral Marketing, with a unique, patent-pending, construction system that results in strong, fire- and storm-resistant, attractive, custom-built homes and commercial structures. A powerful marketing system and powerful construction system form the basis for PowerHouse.

Alpha Opportunities International, Inc., is working with PowerHouse Construction Group to help develop the Gulf Coast region stretching from Florida to Texas. We are actively seeking new Promoters, quality builders, and forward-looking investors who wish to get involved early in the exciting PowerHouse program. The returns can be significant.

Download our PowerHouse Construction Group Overview here (86 kb) and also visit our PowerHouse web site and sign on as a PowerHouse promoter at no cost. See also our Del Castle Restoration Museum and Attraction PowerHouse project here:

Del Castle Restoration Museum and Attraction PowerHouse project: A prime investment opportunity

Download our Del Castle project brochure (801 kb)

Del Castle c. 1925The Del Castle was built in Ocean Springs, Miss., in 1925. Originally known as Casa Flores, it was built in the classical Spanish style. More colloquially, the house became known as the Al Capone House since it was reputed to be the famous gangster's Southern hideout and a based for running rum during Prohibition.

Al CaponeWhile not destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, the house's manager determined it would be prohibitively expensive to bring the deteriorating house back up to standard and code, and with the approval of the Ocean Springs Board of Alderman the historic house fell to the wrecker's ball in March 2007.

PowerHouse Construction Group has taken an interest in building a new Del Castle using the company's advanced construction system and featuring it as a showcase structure for its revolutionary Referral Marketing Program. To make the project viable, consideration is being given to making the new Del Castle a museum and attraction highlighting the style and artifacts of the Prohibition period and also displaying classic automobiles which are very popular on the Gulf Coast.

There are investor and builder opportunities in this project, which Alpha Opportunities is helping to coordinate. Please download our Del Castle project brochure to learn more about this exciting project opportunity and then contact us soonest to discuss how you can become involved in making this project a reality.

Post-Katrina Louisiana real estate rehab opportunities

Mereaux houseWe have scouted out some of Southeast Louisiana's most promising post-Katrina real estate acquisition and rehabilitation opportunities. Our location here on the Gulf Coast puts us right in the catbird's seat to identify, investigate, and negotiate the best deals around. We've scoped out properties in heavily damaged Chalmette, Meraux, and St. Bernard Parish (all just east of New Orleans on the South Shore of Lake Pontchartrain and hard-hit by Hurricane Katrina) and the rebounding Louisiana North Shore across Lake Pontchartrain. We believe the South Shore represents some of the best values to be found anywhere in the country right now for acquisition, rehab, and resale. If the North Shore and the less damaged parts of New Orleans – places where property values have almost doubled since Katrina – is any indication, there is great upside potential here. Don't wait any longer to get in on this rapidly rising market, and at the same time be part of the area's recovery from the ravages of America's worst natural disaster.

See the link below on this page for our Louisiana and Mississippi real estate rehab file.

Post-Katrina Mississippi real estate rehab opportunities

GO Zone map of MississippiPeople call the Mississippi Gulf Coast storm-ravaged (and it assuredly was and significant parts still are, years after Katrina). We call it home. And we also call it the home of some of America's best real estate opportunities. We have scoured the coastal counties (where one sees signs of recovery and the returning natural loveliness of the area all over) for the best deals, and daily receive reports of more great opportunities. Investment and finance partners are needed now to take advantage of theseincredible deals. And also the fantastic tax benefits offered under the Gulf Opportunity Zone (GO Zone) legislation to aid Katrina recovery.

We've concentrated on the best values, not necessarily the lowest cost properties. Centered on Biloxi, the area's casino industry has rebound and is third in the U.S. (after Vegas and Atlantic City, not counting the Indian casinos), and lots of new business and development is evident everywhere along the coast: Clearly people believe in the future of the area. There's probably 10-15 years of work on the coast to rebuild from Katrina, so a serious investor could make a career of this if so inclined. Don't wait any longer to get in on this vast and rapidly rising market, and at the same time be an important part of the area's recovery from the ravages of America's worst natural disaster.

Louisiana and Mississippi real estate rehab information file (811 kb)

This link will enable you to download a .zip file complete with text overview and photos. Use your system's feature to save the target link to your hard drive (right-click, "Save Target As" in Windows; Ctrl-Select ,"Download Linked File" in Mac).

Download the Mississippi GO Zone informational presentation here (273 kb)

Be sure to check out our Discovery Investment EventTM on affordable housing development on the Mississippi Gulf Coast here


Bay St. Louis house photo by Frank Yacenda, AOI, Inc.

Del Castle photo by Ray L. Bellande

Al Capone photo by UPI/The Bettmann Archive

Mereaux house photo by Frank Yacenda, AOI, Inc.

Mississippi GO Zone map courtesy of Mississippi Development Authority