A-List Strategic Communication is your public relations guru

It's simply no contest:

We're your public relations gurus!

Pardon us if we sound a little conceited, but we really are your public relations gurus.

Decades of solid experience, doing right by high-powered clients, and bringing home prestigious awards tell part of the story. But what really sets Alpha Opportunities and A-List Strategic Communication apart is that we've been there. And back. And know what pulls the news.

Alpha Opportunities/A-List Strategic Communication President and PR Guru-in-Chief Frank Yacenda combines decades of real-life experience as a journalist with that of a PR practitioner and a marketer and a government bureaucrat and a business chief. So he doesn't just bring one or two perspectives to the mix. He brings them all.

But it doesn't stop there. Frank also stays on top of the latest trends in Internet marketing. And things like blogging and podcasting and interactive news releases and other trends that are re-working our whole definition of media and communication. And then he hauls in a global sense that transcends cultural and political borders.

He also knows that all effective public relations begins with identifying not just the message, but also the desired objective in sending the message, the intended audience, and how best to reach it. So strategic planning is a critical part of our process.

And he's not afraid to get out in front of the pack and use all the techniques available and suitable to get clients' messages out.

That might be traditional vehicles like news releases. Or staged media, or public, events. It could be through newsletters, both print and electronic (we've won awards for our newsletters). Or strong marketing communications like brochures, or A/V presentations (won awards in all those areas, too!) Or, on the "New Media" side, helping you set up a web site, blog, or podcast.

Or, just maybe, it might be through get-in-your-face, shock-appeal tactics guaranteed to grab people's attention and steer the media to your doorstep.

It all depends on what works for your message. The point is, if it works for you and your organization we can and will employ it.

Let's talk today about how Frank and the A-List Strategic Communication team can establish and build your company's public relations presence!

Some of Frank Yacenda's

clients and recognitions

Some of the top clients Frank Yacenda has served:

  Fairfield Communities, one of America's largest new home

and resort development companies

  MBB/ERNO, now a core element of European Aerospace and

Defence Company EADS, Europe's largest aerospace group

  DFVLR, the German space agency

  Western Waste Industries, a multi-billion-dollar company

  Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program

  National Farmers Union / National Farmers Union Foundation

  Double-Tree, Inc., one of Montana's leading developers

  ADCOM, now part of Scientific-Atlanta

  Brevard County (Florida) Tourism Development Association

  Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach

  Florida Space Science Institute / Space Astronomy Laboratory

at the University of Florida

  U.S. Embassy Tirana, Albania – Acting Public Affairs Officer during

1997 governmental collapse and countrywide anarchy

Among his recognitions:

  Golden Image Award, the top statewide honor of the Florida Public

Relations Association, for a global public information campaign

  Addy awards for his advertising and marketing communication work

  Journalism awards of the Greater Orlando Press Club for his

in-depth reporting

  Gannett Newspapers nationwide monthly recognitions for reporting

excellence and originality

  New York Times Award for Literary Merit


Photo by Nick Winchester