"Wow!" is the only word for our exciting new commercial loan program!!!

This might be the commercial credit source you're looking for to acquire that property or get that project off the ground.


Check out the details:

  Commercial loans with FICO scores starting as low as just 580

  Loan amounts from $100,000 to $1.5 million (or even up to $850M!)

  Program is Full-Documentation

  Higher FICOs qualify for higher loan-to-value amounts, lower rates:

  680 + up to 90% LTV

  640 + up to 85% LTV

  580 + up to 70% LTV


Allowable property types for this program include:

  Multi-family / Mixed-use residential / Mixed-use commercial

  Office / Retail

  Self-storage / Warehouse / Light industrial / Industrial

  Bed & breakfast / Rooming house

  Mobile home park / RV park

  Automotive / Hospitality / Funeral home / Restaurant

  Day care / Health care

  Special purpose


NOT eligible for:

  Bars / nightclubs

  Vacant land / Leasehold mortgages / Construction loans

  Gas stations / Marinas



If you or your project don't fall within the guidelines for this exciting program, remember that Alpha Opportunities and ComResInvestments also offer hard and private money programs for commercial deals where we can go up to 90% LTV in some situations! Check out these programs here.

Are you ready to apply for our new commercial loan program now?

Download an application here (45 kb).