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Look at our current listings, and also check out our exciting program of Discovery Investment EventsTM! You'll see that Alpha Opportunities truly is your source for great investment opportunities. And we're always on the lookout for more prime investment opportunities.


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Alpha Opportunities is now a PowerHouse Promoter: Del Castle Restoration Museum and Attraction PowerHouse project

We're now representing prime beachfront and coastal properties and condos in beautiful Costa Rica


Our areas of specialization include:

  Real estate acquisitions, including REOs

  Real estate rehabilitations and renovations

  Affordable housing and mixed-use developments

  Commercial properties

  Resort properties

  Leading-edge companies, mergers and acquisitions

  Technologies and technology-based projects and companies

  Technology licensing and tech transfer opportunities

  Overseas/international companies and properties


We keep current lists of opportunities on this site, so check back regularly for updates. Each category of investment is listed on a separate page on our Investments Menu. And be sure to check out our fantastic Discovery Investment EventsTM – more information on those and a calendar of scheduled events are all available here, too!

We work with individuals, small groups, and institutional investors. In many cases we may wish to participate with you in developing specific opportunities. We also can work with you as your "bird dog" or on-the-ground agent for spotting opportunities that meet your requirements.

Please call us toll-free at (877) 216-1392 or on our local number at (727) 431-6848 , or with "Investments" shown in the subject line, to start the process. We have reach nationwide and worldwide through our extensive network of domestic and international contacts. What's more, we are prepared to work closely with you to successfully evaluate, negotiate, and close deals.

Alpha Opportunities' exclusive Discovery Investment EventsTM bring investment opportunities to you!

Alpha Opportunities' exciting Discovery Investment EventsTM bring investments to life for you. These dynamic events are the most efficient and effective means for you to explore, assess, and pursue leading investment opportunities. Don't miss the chance to be part of them.

Find out more about them and check out our upcoming events here

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