Hard and private money available

for almost any situation

Alpha Opportunities in partnership with ComResInvestments has sources for hard and private money nationwide.

All types of hard and private money are available along with joint ventures for both residential and commercial funding. Sources for this type of finance primarily like to fund projects of $500,000 and up but will look at scenarios for smaller amounts.

with "Hard Money" shown in the subject line and tell us about your project, and let's see what opportunities we can open up for you.

You also can download the applications you will need here; complete one of the Hard Money applications and fax it to ComResInvestments as directed (if you complete the 1003 form, which is optional at the preliminary stage, please be sure to complete one of the Hard Money applications as well and fax the forms together to ComResInvestments at the number shown on the form):

Standard Hard/Private Money Application (58 kb)

100 Percent Hard Money Application (55 kb)

1003 Uniform Residential Loan Application (419 kb)