Alpha Opportunities offers a range of credit and finance opportunities

Alpha Opportunities International, Inc., has partnered with ComResInvestments to offer a range of credit lines and finance vehicles to assist investors and businesspeople to obtain finance for real estate acquisitions and projects and to fuel and expand their business operations.

Who is ComResInvestments?

your finance possibilities may begin with a loan applicationComResInvestments of Dover, Florida, is a real estate promotion and consulting company specializing in residential, commercial, and business lending. Headed by the energetic Patrick Simmons, the company shares Alpha Opportunities' entrepreneurial approach and works closely with us to support our clients' credit and finance needs.

By offering a wide range of loan and credit-line programs, ComResInvestments has a solution for almost every finance need.

Announcing a brand-new and very exciting commercial loan program!

ComResInvestments has announced an exciting new commercial loan program. This program is "Full Documentation" and offers loan amounts from $100,000 to $1.5 million (and in some cases, much higher – up to $850 million). The program permits credit scores as low as 580 though better scores qualify for higher allowable loan-to-value amounts and lower rates.

Property types for this program include multi-family, mixed-use residential, mixed-use commercial, office, retail, self-storage, light industrial, bed-and-breakfast, warehouse, mobile home park, automotive, hospitality, funeral home, industrial, rooming house, day care, health care, restaurant, RV park, and special purpose. Wow!

Find out more about this exciting program and apply here!

The Perfect Solution

Does your business have employees? Do you invoice your clients or customers or carry accounts receivable? If either or both of these situations apply to you, our subsidiary company, Gulfstaff LLC, may have the Perfect Solution for you!

Find out more about the Perfect Solution here!

Photo (above) by Jan Stastny