Discovery Investment EventsTM schedule of upcoming events

This page presents the current schedule of planned upcoming Discovery Investment EventsTM events. This schedule is continually updated so please be sure to check back regularly to check on new events and re-schedulings.

Once an event date and location is firm we will open pre-registration for that event and full information and registration materials will be available on this site at the event listing.

If an event date and location are not yet firm, you are welcome to and reference "Discovery Events" in the subject line. Please indicate your interest in that event and if we get enough indications of interest we may be able to accelerate planning and setting a firm date and location for the event. If you have preferences for dates/locations for the event please let us know as well. We are truly an interactive organization!

If there is any area of investment interest you would like to see covered by a Discovery Investment EventsTM that you don't see listed here and you think others also would be interested, please let us know and we'll consider planning that event.

These events not only expose you directly to the top investment opportunities in a given field or area, but bring you the background information you'll need to take maximum advantage of them and -- best of all -- bring you face-to-face with key decision makers, officials, experts, and other important people who can help guide you to success in achieving your investment goals.

Here is the current line-up and descriptions of Alpha Opportunities'

Discovery Investment EventsTM:

Gulf Coast Development and Investment Forum

Biloxi and vicinity, Mississippi

Dates to be determined: Watch this space

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More than a year after the storm, most of Hurricane Katrina's massive destruction remains to be rebuilt. The key to making it happen is affordable housing, which promises to be the hot market on the Coast for a long time to come. Explore and get involved in immediate opportunities in affordable housing and mixed-use development right here in the heart of coastal Mississippi's Katrina Recovery Zone. We'll show you actual investment opportunities, orient you to the market demands that make this such a "near-sure" bet, explain the special tax benefits available, and bring you face-to-face with local officials who can answer your questions and get you started on your investment path that can make such a difference both for this devastated but spirited region and your bottom line.

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Opportunities in India: The Next Big Global Boom Market

Washington, D.C. and other locations

Dates to be announced soon: Watch this space

India promises to be the next China, and the boom is already under way. With more than a billion people and the world's largest middle class -- larger than the entire U.S. population -- India offers much more than just outsourcing. Huge opportunities in housing, commercial and industrial development, marketing, services, trade, and technology transfer are ripe for the picking. Whether you came late to the China boom or not, don't miss out on this one which has the potential to be even bigger. And unlike China, India is the world's largest democracy, has a sound legal system based on English common law, and speaks your language. We'll introduce you to the opportunities, the things to watch out for, and the upside, and also bring you key officials and experts who can help smooth your entry into this amazing market.


Opportunities in Investing in Technologies

Location to be announced: Watch this space

Dates to be announced: Watch this space

There is a lot more to technology than just IT and the Internet. This event will focus on a broad range of technologies, including in such hot fields as water and the environment, medical and healthcare, pharmaceuticals, construction, fuel production, and others. We'll show you actual investment opportunities and the companies behind them, expose you to potential markets, and look at opportunities in technology transfer and licensing. Like all of your events, this one will give you the opportunity to meet actors in the field, including people behind some of the technologies presented and government officials who can assist with technology transfers and guidance on IP protections abroad, and help give you the information you need to make educated decisions on investing in these fields and companies.