Alpha Opportunities offers incorporation and LLC registration services, domestic and off-shore

We can arrange your company incorporation, or formation of an limited liability company (LLC), anywhere in the U.S. and in some countries overseas. That would include popular U.S. jurisdictions like Nevada, Florida, and Delaware, and overseas jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda.


Register your company to enter the business worldHonestly, though, we have a strong preference for Wyoming for U.S. incorporations and LLCs, and Anguilla for off-shore ones. For reasons we will explain here.


In whatever jurisdiction you decide on, along with filing your papers with the appropriate government office, we can provide your corporate book and seal and on-going registered agent services in your chosen jurisdiction.


Check out our sections on "Why Wyoming?" and "Why Anguilla?" for explanations why we believe these to be the greatest destinations for corporate and LLC registrations (Wyoming, by the way, is the originator of the LLC concept, and Anguilla's law is based on the original Wyoming law).

Off-shore and "on-shore off-shore"

You may be familiar with the concept of off-shore companies. Depending on your home country, these can serve as effective tax shelters as well as privacy shields.

What many people don't realize is that, for a non-U.S. tax subject, the U.S. itself can serve as an effective tax and privacy shelter. By incorporating in a non-tax state like Wyoming there is no state income tax to pay. And if you have no revenues subject to U.S. tax you have essentially created an off-shore shelter for yourself with your Wyoming corporation.

Additionally, your ownership in a Wyoming corporation need not be stated on the corporate papers: Shareholders of a Wyoming corporation are not a matter of public record. Properly set up, your Wyoming corporation can shield your privacy and ownership interest.

Keep in mind that non-U.S. citizens or residents cannot participate in what are called "S" corporations. They can, however, own and participate in "C" corporations and LLCs.

And one of the reasons we like Anguilla so much as a venue for incorporation or setting up an LLC is that the country has maintained a good record with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and so does not attract the kind of attention by the tax authorities that so-called "black-listed" shelter countries do.

Again, check out our sections on domestic and overseas incorporations and then please call us toll-free at (877) 216-1392, or internationally or locally at +1 (727) 431-6848, or with "Incorporations" in the subject line. We'll discuss your requirements and concerns, and if we can help you establish your company we will be happy to do so.

Photo by Thad Zajdowicz