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Commercial M&A opportunities

Leading animal and crop diagnostics company

This U.S.-based company has developed the most accurate animal and crop diagnostic tests available anywhere in the world today. One of the biggest problems in this kind of testing is the problem of false positives that result in the needless and costly destruction of herds. The extreme accuracy of this company's advanced diagnostics virtually eliminates this issue. With a top-notch scientific and management team, a proprietary process, extremely high margins, and literally dozens of individual tests yet to be commercialized in leading world markets, this company is poised for take-off. Recent approvals for major diagnostic lines in the EU and Brazil will generate millions in new revenues in each market and open the door to additional marketing opportunities in major markets. Asking price is in the $15M range. Contact us for full details and a total information package.

Investment or strategic partner sought for innovative mobile desalination water project

Water promises to be one of the leading issues – if not the leading issue – of the 21st Century. This innovative project, which addresses the growing worldwide demand for water head-on, was developed by one of our sister companies, AcquaPro Worldwide, Inc. Using all existing technology (thus avoiding a lengthy and costly R&D stage) but in a unique configuration, the basic engineering concept work on this project has been completed and it is ready to move into marketing and pre-production. Plants are fully modularized and scalable, and each basic unit can produce 5M gallons (19M liters) of fresh water daily, enough water to supply a medium-sized city water on an emergency basis or a significant-sized community on a regular basis.

Company is open to a range of possible investment and partnership arrangements. Please visit the AcquaPro Worldwide web site and also download the new electronic brochure (7.3 MB) which tells the whole AcquaPro story. You also can download the original post-Katrina brochure (7.2 MB) which focuses on just one particular aspect – emergency water supply – of this incredibly versatile approach to a major global problem.

Here is the latest news on AcquaPro (87 kb) as we begin to take the system to an operational stage worldwide and nationwide.

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Invest in an innovative staffing approach -- the first of its kind anywhere -- that can become the PODS of the home repair sphere

Gulfstaff LLC, the wholly owned staffing subsidiary of Alpha Opportunities International, Inc., has developed a totally innovative approach to home repair. Called Total Action TeamsTM (1.9 MB), the program enables property owners to act as their own contractors by utilizing our fully covered workers and work teams. Called "Your Economical Alternative to Hiring a Contractor," the TAT approach can result in significant savings in cost and time, while offering greater control to the property owner, compared with hiring a contractor. Developed in response to the massive devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the concept can be implanted across the U.S. and become the next "PODS" of the home repair sphere. Investors are sought to help expand the concept nationwide and to get in on the ground floor of what has been called an incredible and unique program. Contact us today to discuss how you can be part of this expansion either as a financial participant or as a local operator.


Opportunities for M&As in the highly profitable staffing industry

Alpha Opportunities and its wholly owned staffing subsidiary, Gulfstaff LLC, maintain a special relationship with one of the leading staffing industry M&A specialists. If you are looking to acquire a personnel staffing company and get in on this profitable and rapidly growing sector, or if you are already in the staffing business and either want to sell your agency or expand through acquisition, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with this industry expert who can aid your search and help you avoid the pitfalls.



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