Alpha Opportunities is your direct connection for commodities

We are direct to major commodities suppliersAlpha Opportunities is direct to some of the largest purveyors of wheat and other agricultural commodities in the United States and Canada. We also have global connections fcr sourcing, selling, or bartering virtually any kind of commodity:

We are your sources for:

  Wheat: All types and specifications

  Corn: All grades and specifications

  Soy beans


  Sugar: All grades from suppliers in Brazil, Asia, Australia, USA

  Cement in bulk and other construction materials

  All other commodities: Give us your formal request or offer


Along with our direct connections to commodities suppliers, we maintain a global network of trusted sources for many other products.

You must meet the stringent credit and financial requirements set out by our suppliers, but if you do and are willing to follow our procedures you can be assured of obtaining bona fide offers of commodities and other products meeting your specifications.

Note that for commodites orders the minimum shipment is 12,500 metric tons.


For all commodities and other product deals (buy/sell), please call us toll-free (U.S. or Canada) at (888) 221-5514, or internationally or locally at +1 (228) 206-3423 , or with "Trade" noted in the subject line, and let's explore working together.


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