Off-shore corporate & LLC registrations:

Why Anguilla?

We discovered Anguilla back in the early 1980s, not long after it voluntarily returned to British protection following a brief but unhappy stint of independence along with the nearby islands of St. Kitts and Nevis. Beautiful, friendly, different, and completely undeveloped: These are the words to describe 1981 Anguilla.


Anguilla Shoal Bay is beautiful and so is business in AnguillaA few years later we decided that Anguilla had tremendous potential as an upscale Caribbean resort island, something the less observant might not recognize looking at the unfinished look of the place. We could not find investors with any vision, and we literally missed the boat. A few short years after that Anguilla exploded as one of the most exclusive resort destinations in the region, and it remains so today.


But there is a lot more to Anguilla than just a great vacation (or wonderful place for your annual board meetings!) By our evaluation, Anguilla represents one of the best – we believe for many companies, the best – off-shore jurisdiction for corporate and LLC registratons.


Anguillla, a British Overseas Territory located about 200 miles east of Puerto Rico and within eyesight of Sint Maarten/St.-Martin, has a great Anguillan flag flies over prime off-shore business destinationincorporation law that makes for easy registration of an International Business Company (IBC). It is easy and relatively inexpensive to register as a corporation or a limited liability company (Anguilla's LLC law is modeled on the original Wyoming LLC law that introduced the concept to the world). And like Wyoming, Anguilla levies no business or personal income taxes.


The country has a good regulatory system that has allowed it to steer clear of the OECD's "black list" while still respecting corporate shareholder privacy. It also has a well developed financial and professional sector, good telecommunications, and a British legal system. Trusts can be set up as well. All-in-all, Anguilla is an excellent choice for your off-shore company. And we can help you set it up.


For a comparison of Anguilla with other jurisdictions as an off-shore company destination, take a look at this detailed chart prepared by the Anguilla Financial Services Department.


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Photo by Rendy Ng

Moving flag courtesy of the Government of Anguilla