Affordable housing: The key to Katrina rebuilding and a very hot market!

We're committed to supporting rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina, and its the cause that drew us here to the Gulf Coast in late 2005 following America's worst natural disaster.

Katrina devastation, opportunities in affordable housingOur objective is always to do something useful and positive, even while we're making money and having fun at it, and so development of affordable housing in the Katrina disaster and recovery zone fits perfectly with our mission.

With most rebuilding on the coast hardly begun, there is an enormous demand for affordable housing, both for displaced area residents and for workers coming into the area to help rebuild and to work in local industries and casinos. Currently there simply is no suitable housing for these people, making for an immediate, ready, and long-term market for affordable housing and mixed-use development. The situation will approach crisis proportions as rebuilding accelerates.

Alpha Opportunities is in a position to work closely with investors and is positioned to be a leader in this field by:

   Identifying properties suitable for affordable housing development

   Forming partnerships with community rebuilding organizations

   Seeking sources of finance and investment to realize projects

   Creating entities able to benefit from redevelopment tax credits

   Serving as a source of labor, through Gulfstaff LLC, for projects

   Planning creative solutions to development issues

If you're an investor looking for make a real difference while participating in a very solid investment opportunity, give us a call at (888) 221-5514 or (228) 206-3423, or with "Affordable Housing" referenced in the subject line today.

Download a presentation (273 kb) on the incredible tax advantages of investing in the Mississippi Gulf Opportunity Zone (GO Zone).

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